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ATTENTION: Due to Covid-19, Whirled Tree Arts has suspended in person services until further notice. Therapy sessions will be provided via telehealth and community events will be limited and offered via zoom when possible.


These are some of the events and on going programs we offer with our community partners.  Some are closed groups specifically designed to meet the needs of our partnering organizations and some are collaborative efforts open to the public. Take a look to see what creativity in the community can look like!

  Professional Development Series

Carolyn has over 10 years of experience working with youth of all ages and backgrounds with a special skill set in working specifically with children with emotional and behavioral challenges, learning disabilities and trauma histories. Sometimes children with complex stories that impact how they relate with others in their world can be a challenge for teachers, parents and caregivers to consistently provide the support and guidance that these young people need in their school, after school and home settings. Carolyn has worked with parents and teachers to cultivate awareness and understanding to develop new skills for providing loving limits and supportive structures that help these children thrive.

Carolyn also works with the Burlington City Arts Art from the Heart program to support volunteers in gaining skills and understanding when working with children and families in the hospital.

Upcoming Events and Workshops...

Studio E

Studio Eis a 6 week intensive art therapy support group for adults diagnosed with epilepsy. It is a national program that we are delighted to bring to Vermont in partnership with the Vermont Epilepsy Foundation.  If you or a loved one lives with Epilepsy and would like to participate please contact for details on our next session.

LoveYourBrain Retreat

LoveYourBrainis a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and supporting recovery and prevention with an emphasis on wellness through nutrition, creativity, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, education and connection. This May Whirled Tree Arts will be joining LoveYourBrain at Camp Zeno in Lincoln, VT to lead a group of TBI survivors and their caregivers through art therapy  workshops geared toward cultivating a mindfulness practice that supports recovery and wellness.