Creativity. Connection. Community.

"Wonderful calming art experience! Carolyn is amazing - supportive, encouraging, peaceful, and fun! Thank you!"

                -Leah, a Whirled Tree group participant

"I come to this group because I feel like a belong here. This is where I can be real and where I feel understood."

            -Teen art therapy group participant

"Making art with strangers of all ages is inspiring. It was amazing to see how different- and awesome- everyone's art was when we all started with the same supplies. Great way to spend an afternoon!"

           -Katie, Whirled Tree workshop participant

"It was wonderful fun! A great "multi-generational" event...something anyone of any age could "do"!"

          -Linda, a Whirled Tree paint party participant

"I had no idea painting was so much fun! This was just what I needed, I love it!"

            -private in-home paint party participant

Want Whirled Tree Arts to come to you?


What We Do...

Groups and workshops........Enrich your in-school or after school programming, camps and community center with hands on art workshops that address themes of wellness, healthy relationships, healthy communities, stress reduction, self-esteem

  • Pricing....we will work within your budget to offer a program that suits your organization's needs. Just contact us to start the conversation!
  • What you get...Whether you contract us for a one time workshop or an ongoing series, groups will be filled with fun, high-interest visual arts activities that will leave kids and teens feeling genuinely connected to their peers and proud of their strengths, skills and accomplishments.  All art supplies and curriculum will be provided. If desired, we will do follow up work with your staff members to help them develop tools and strategies to continue using art in intentional and therapeutically beneficial ways long after we leave the building.
  • us and let us know when you'd like us to bring the magic of community art therapy to your program!

Paint your home or at the workplace, we will happily bring a unique and tailored art experience for groups big and small.

  • Pricing....we offer different pricing options depending on the size, set up and location of your function but typically the cost breaks down to about $35 per person.
  • What you get....our standard paint party is 2 hours long. We provide supportive instruction tailored to all skill levels to make your paint party fun, relaxing and stress free! All art supplies, including aprons and drop clothes to keep you and your home neat and clean, are also provided,  **Whirled Tree Arts does not provide food and drink**
  • us to schedule your party. We will work with you to tailor an art project unique for your event. We don't do cookie cutter paintings. We want your art to be an authentic reflection of who YOU are!

Art Lessons and private art therapy sessions.....for you, your children, your family, at the Whirled Tree Studio, in your home and in the community. 

  • Pricing.....Cost varies. Individual and family therapy rates typically range from $80-125 based on state health insurance reimbursement rates. Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid are accepted.
  • What you get...quality art instruction uniquely tailored to your needs, strengths and interests and informed by art therapy principles: this means creative experiences that reduce stress, increase problem solving skills, improve mood and self-esteem, and enhance healthy self expression.  
  • Scheduling....private sessions: contact us to schedule a one time session or workshop addressing a specific interest or need OR an ongoing series of sessions.  We will work with you to tailor an eperience unique to YOU!  Groups and workshops: check our website andFacebookpage for special workshops and group services offered by Whirled Tree Arts in the community.

Wellness Workshops....for educators, care providers and businesses committed to maintaining a healthy workplace. Learn about art therapy, gain tools and strategies through hands on activities that improve mood, reduce stress, increase productivity and creative thinking, improve communication.

  • Pricing....we will happily work with you to put together a tailored workshop or series at a fair price.
  • What you consultation and a tailored hands-on creative self-care experience that will leave your group feeling refreshed, informed and equipped with new tools for taking care of yourself and your work.
  • us with information on what your needs and goals are. We will work with you to schedule a tailored one time workshop or series.
Whirled Tree Arts